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Project 366

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For the last 3 or 4 years around the beginning of the New Year I have gotten the urge to commit to doing a 365 project. For those folks unfamiliar with the concept, project 365 involves taking at least one picture every day for an entire year. Of course I had to choose a leap year, thus giving myself an extra day.

When pondering the notion on past New Years Eves it has always seemed a bit overwhelming, but this year I realized that it’s a fairly rare occurrence that I don’t take a single shot of something on any given day. The fact is that I take a ton of shots of random things that catch my eye that are never seen by anyone.  I thought this might be a cool way to share some of those images.

The only guidelines I have set for the project are that I must create at least one new image every day for the entire year, barring an emergency situation, and that the image is not made just for the sake of completing that day’s photograph. I won’t guarantee that they will all be great images or even interesting to look at (I’m pretty sure the first two prove that), but it will be fun to share some of the pictures I take that aren’t carefully thought out and executed awesome landscape shots.

Initially the images in this gallery will not be available for purchase, but over time any that I end up liking a lot will probably be added to other galleries on the website. If you see something you really like please let me know and I will be happy to make it available.

So hopefully I will learn a thing or two about how and why I make the images that I do, while pushing myself in new directions, and have at least a few shots that folks enjoy seeing along the way.

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